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Barbara Brann Education offers Professional Development in all areas and levels of literacy for educators throughout the world and we produce educational resources for teachers, educators, early childhood specialists, parents and associated professionals such as physio therapists, speech therapists and ocupational therapists. 

Barbara Brann is a writer and an experienced, dynamic presenter who specialises in early handwriting development, foundational literacy skills, spelling and learning difficulties

Barbara Brann Education is the home of The Magic Caterpillar and Casey the Caterpillar educational resources.

The Magic Caterpillar’s Building Blocks to Literacy is a framework of interconnected skills designed to ensure that children develop the foundational skills for literacy including phonological and phonemic awareness, visual-motor skills, print concepts and oracy. 

We offer training in the use of these resources and also professional development for teachers in all areas of literacy  including reading, written language, handwriting, phonemic awareness, spelling,  perceptual motor skills and learning difficulties.